AMN is by far the largest producer and distributor of news, entertainment, music and content in Andervaan but while it owns a dozen papers and magazines, produces an array of artists and styles of music and theater it’s most recognizable outlet are its networks.


The most watched network in Andervaan and a general network which includes headline news shows, entertaining dramas and comedies and local interest shows produced at the regional AMN offices.


Another popular network that provides similar entertainment to AMN 1 but tends to focus on mini-series and project shows rather than serials.


A more artistic network focusing on music and theater, AMN 3 is considered a more high-brow network as it caters to the more artistically and culturally minded as well as having news programs aimed at that demographic.


Considered a “hodgepodge” network AMN 4 focuses on game shows, celebrity news and gossip and talk shows.

AMN News

A 24 hour news network.

AMN Sports

A 24 hour sports network.

AMN Movies

A 24 hour movies network.

AMN Educational

A 24 hour educational network. 

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