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Here you will find information ranging from the relevant to the obscure about the realm of Andervaan, it's people and it's customs. Please feel free to read, add or edit any of the information that is found here. This is a community effort to give everyone a chance to learn and know more about the realm and all the places, people and organizations there-in. When adding or editing a page please hold true to the basic design elements that have been established, make sure that your information is correct, your spelling and grammar is correct and that you credit images whenever possible.

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Andervaan is a nation made up of several landmasses under the control of the United National Totalitarian Government (the UNT). The human population lives inside their protected cities, safe from the dangers of the outside world and purged clean of non-human contaminants. Each city is connected to one another through the UNIRAIL, a high-speed train service that is strictly regulated and secured. Such technology runs clean and Andervaan's various cities are each a different gem in the UNTs crown.

Non-human races are perceived as inferior, dangerous beings and are only (officially) found outside the protection grid of the cities. This has been so ever since The Purge, a decades long struggle in which the UNT sought to eliminate non-humans from Andervaanian territory after, according to the government sanctioned textbooks, they tried to destroy the human population through biological contamination and technological sabotage.

With brilliant technology and clean air supporting a clearly superior civilization, life in Andervaan is good for those who follow the rules and do not upset the order of things. Subversives and non-conformists, however, are dealt with... severely.

Note: Andervaan is essentially a human-only realm. Non-humans or afflicted humans require GM permission to play.

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