Andervaan Wiki

Bio Scanning can be found in almost any facet of life in Andervaan. The rules regulating it, and it’s extremely illegal counterpart of Bio Emulation, are vast.

Hand Scanner

Bio Scanning is specifically designed around positive identification, race identification and security, such as with the I.I.D.D.s. The sophisticated technologies involved in its development are, obviously, kept very secret. Bio Scanners can be found just about everywhere - from the hand-held versions in your local constable’s goody bag to the full-body bio scanners at any entry or exit point to the city. There are also wide spectrum scanners placed at various places around the city.

Bio Emulation on the other hand is designed with one goal, to fool a Bio Scanner into thinking that you are someone or something that you are not. Obviously, discussing or even displaying interest in such technology is a highly suspect activity...