Andervaan Wiki

The Chancellor Youth Scouts is one of the oldest and most honored youth organizations in Andervaan. Open to boys ages 7-19, regardless of economic class or social standing, the Scouts teach loyalty, ethics, and practical skills, grooming its members for careers in politics, the military, or simply as productive members of society. Among their ranks, only personal accomplishments matter, and the children of politicians and captains of industry learn right alongside the sons of salary men and blue collar workers.


Pup Scout – The entry level. At this rank, young boys are introduced to physical fitness, outdoor activities, and basic survival skills.

Junior Fledgling – Once members have proven their aptitude, they can begin to participate in Scout camps and learn more advanced skills.

Fledgling – In order to progress to Fledgling, Scouts must rank in the top 50% on their Advancement Aptitude tests. At this point, members will receive an introduction to basic military skills such as marching, self-defense, and simple training exercises.

Wolf Scout – For Scouts that have completed all Fledgling requirements and ranked in the top 20% on their tests, survival training becomes more advanced. In addition to their military exercises, Wolf level and higher Scouts are required to spend a minimum of fourteen days a year participating in small-group excursions in remote areas with extremely limited resources in order to test their adaptability and resilience.

White Star – Only those ranking in the top 10% on advancement tests are granted White Star rank. White Stars head up troops of younger and lower-ranked Scouts, and act in certain administrative capacities.

Iron Eagle – The highest level of scout. Iron Eagle Scouts typically lead assemblies of troops, organize group activities, and represent the organization at social and political events. In order to attain this rank, a Scout must not only complete the requirements of all other levels, but must have consistently ranked in the top 5% of all promotion tests and meet certain standards of ethics and behavior as determined by the Scout Leadership Council.