The legal position of non-humans within Andervaan's borders is quite simple - they have no legal standing. Officially, all beings of non-human lineage have been purged within the nation, but should a being of non-human blood be discovered, they are exterminated on the spot - their remains burned away so completely that virtually no ash remains to taint pure Andervaanian soil with their poison.

This policy also extends to beings of partial non-human origin. If it can be proven that even a single ancestor was less than 100% human, they, all siblings, and all children are disposed of. Beings of partially non-human blood are viewed as equally dangerous to their fully "exotic" cousins, as it can be much easier for partial non-humans to breed and taint the pure genetics of Andervaan.

Attempting to conceal a non-human or a being of impure blood is treason, and carries the highest penalty.

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