St. Bannick's School for Young Girls is an institution in the capital of Andervaan, founded to provide a quality education for underprivileged youth. The majority of the students at this residential school come from troubled families. Many are orphans, or the children of prisonners, or they may have been seized from their families. This school willingly takes on the difficult task of retraining children often labeled as 'incorrigable,' to give them a second chance at life that they otherwise would not be provided.

Living ArrangementsEdit

Dormitory buildings are divided by age, and students live in the same dorm with their peers from the time they enter the school, until they graduate or depart. While students are allowed visitors on school grounds - boys over the age of twelve are restricted from entering all dormitories.

Staff members are each assigned and live in a dorm, where they supervise the children and form the deep, caring bonds necessary to retrain the girls as productive members of society. These staff members oversee their students' education, discipline, and moral training. They also supervise daily study times in the afternoon and evening hours, and help arrange study groups, so more accomplished students can tutor their struggling peers.


Educational plans are highly individualized at St. Bannick's School for Young Girls, since many of the students have missed a good portion of their early education. Remedial courses are the norm, and classes can be extremely mixed with a wide range of ages. The school strives to challenge students without frustrating them, and encourages them to move at their own pace - however, they do follow the same Ministry of Education standards required for successful completetion of primary and secondary schooling.


The school is currently overseen by Headmistress Kahren Laurent. Headmistress Laurent has a reputation among the students for being understanding, fair, and caring. She believes firmly in maintaining an environment where each student feels safe and valued. She will not tolerate anyone being treated with disrespect, and is equally disapproving of violence. She dedicates much of her free time to forming and maintaining a professional but caring relationship with the children in her care, as well as raising funds for the school's needs,

The staff also includes many teachers, a counselor, a nurse, a speech therapist, and a few secretaries. Teachers are encouraged to form elective classes and clubs that reflect their personal interests, and those of the students. All members of staff are required and expected to form relationships with their assigned mentees, and remain aware of their social, emotional, moral, academic and civic progress and needs.

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