Known as"Andervaan's Playground," St. Barnibus offers very little in the way of traditionally fine arts or entertainment. When shows do come through, they are often rewritten and stylized for maximum flash and extra gaudy costume. Gambling and drinking are well known past-times and often the reasons tourists visit.

Wundercrosse teams include: St. Barnibus Eagles (Nationalist League) St. Barnibus Wolverines (Socialist League)

Climate & TopographyEdit

St. Barnibus is a coastal town built in a long strip to enjoy the beautiful coastal waters of Vanni Bay. Its average elevation is twelve feet above sea level.

The climate of St. Barnibus, though usually mild, can be somewhat extreme. The spring can be a raging torrent of storms and shifting weather, the summers are hot and dry, the autumns are cool and dry and the winter is cold and dry.

Economy & DemographicsEdit

The primary economic producers in St. Barnibus are the hotels and casinos. The service and tourism industry are what keep this city afloat.

The following are the mean averages of St. Bannick

Race Human
Age 25-35

Male: 54% ; Female 46%

Income Middle Class
Education 40% of adults have at least one higher education degree.
S.A.R.: 59
Crime: Violent 25% ; Non-violent: 55%

Important Buildings & LandmarksEdit

Shultz Towers – The largest, most luxurious hotel/casino on the waterfront.

The Vice Chancellory Palace –The largest and most opulent Vice Chancellor's building in Andervaan.

The Boardwalk – A place to enjoy an older, more quaint and family-friendly version of St. Barnibus.

Schools and UniversitiesEdit

Education is a massively important enterprise in Andervaan. Schools are as much about learning as they are about making connections and determing social circles, the latter being one of the only reasons many St. Barnibans attend university.

St. Barnibus University (two campuses)

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