The cold city of St. Bastien is, in some ways, the black sheep of Andervaan's family. In spite of a fine standard of living for most of its inhabitants, high and fine culture, profitable industries and a low crime rate, it has one of the lowest average S.A.R. ratings in the nation. This is simply due to the fact that the national government operates with comparatively little authority in St. Bastien. For generations, the city has been run by a single family...

Culture[edit | edit source]

Known as the "Eastern Gate" and "Mother City"

St. Bastien is home to Andervaan's foremost ballet companies and traditional dance artists. In spite of this, all dance forms will find welcoming audiences in St. Bastien. The city also sees the largest number of distilleries (legal and illegal) per capita in the nation - likely to warm the blood during the city's long winters.

Wundercrosse teams include: St. Bastien Wolves (Nationalist League) St. Bastien Ironmen (Socialist League)

Climate & Topography[edit | edit source]

St. Bastien is sheltered from the harshest weather in the deep Seroe Bay to the east of St. Bannick, but still sees some of the coldest weather in Andervaan. Different parts of the city range in elevation from 72 to 400 feet.

St. Bastien winters are long and notoriously frigid with freezing winds and heavy snowfall, though otherwise the season offers a dry cold. Spring is unpredictable, either wet and warm or seeing late snow-fall, a highly transitory season. Summers are more pleasent, typically sunny and warm with mild, scattered storms. Autumn is brief and cool, with the Bay's famous marine fog rolling heavier into the city.

Economy & Demographics[edit | edit source]

St. Bastien is home to the DeKeyser Mining Company (DKMC) and, for all intents and purposes, is run by that family company.

The following are the mean averages of St. Bastien:

Race Human
Age 33-43

Male: 54% ; Female 46%

Income Middle Class
Education 54% of adults have at least one higher education degree.
S.A.R.: 55

Important Buildings & Landmarks[edit | edit source]

The Wulf Rotunda – A massive, underground complex home to all a manner of fine restaurants and entertainment (both high and low brow).

Zaroffskoy Theatre Hall –One of the largest performances spaces in the nation, home to the Zaroskoye Ballet Company, but often hosting various other shows.

Schools and Universities[edit | edit source]

Education is a massively important enterprise in Andervaan. Higher education in St. Bastien comes mostly in the form of engineering and trade schools.

St. Bastien University (two campuses) - The Engineering School and the Liberal Arts Campus.

St. Bastien Technical College - Specializing in geographical survey, geology, and and Exterior Operations.

Sirenova Academy - Arts school and premier dance academy.

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