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St. Devon is the northernmost city in Andervaan and home to its Navy and a large portion of its bio-tech industry. Although one of the smallest of Andervaan's cities, St. Devon boasts an economy that rivals her much larger counterparts and has one of the highest quality of life standards in the nation. The city has nine gates aside from the UNIRAIL station, each equipped with full bio-scan tecnology.


Known as ...

St. Devon does not have the same arts scene that many cities in Andervaan boast, however it is home to lively physical arts, hosting numerous dance companies and many more community sporting events. The population's enthusiasim for sports is apparent as the city often hosts national sporting events.

Climate & Topography[]

Though the northernmost of Andervaan's cities, St. Devon is in a sheltered bay and so the harsher climate found elsewhere on the island is tempered.

Autumn's are cool but still conducive to some outdoor activity. Winters are often chilly and snowy with some ice forming on the streets. Springs are usually wet and may see some late snows, but are usually mild and lead into pleasent, warm summers with salty breezes.

Economy & Demographics[]

St. Devon hosts Andervaan's Navy and a portion of it's bio-tech industry, particularly those technologies related to naval and maritime affairs.

Official statistics are:

Race Human
Age 23-33
Sex Male 52% ; Female 48%
Income Middle Class
Education 25% have one completed higher education degree.
S.A.R.: 67
Crime: Violent: 5% ; Non-violent: 18%

Important Buildings & Landmarks[]

North Naval Base

Norshire Dance Hall

Schools and Universities[]

Education is a massively important enterprise in Andervaan. Though the quality of life in St. Devon is relatively high, thanks to the stable presense of the navy, most of the residents that go on to higher education work for the military.

St. Devon Naval Academy

St. Devon University

Bio-Communication Institute