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Known as "The Upper Crust"

St. Gideon has the highest income ratio per capita and therefore enjoys only the finest of everything. Food, drink, luxury goods, and also the finest and best "proven" of cultural art events. Some say this stifles the creativity and range of the cultural districts, but others would disagree.

Wundercrosse teams include: St. Gideon Comets (Nationalist League) St. Gideon Shadow (Socialist League)

Climate & Topography[]

St.Gideon is an island city and is built upon an extinct volcanic island. The average elevation varies as the city is built into the side of the mountain, but ranges from about forty-feet above sea level to nine hundred feet above sea level.

The climate of St. Gideon is cool and largely damp. The springs usually produce late snows that lead to damp summers. Autumn is cool and dry and the winters are temperate early on, leading to gentle but thick snows along the gradient of altitude.

Economy & Demographics[]

The primary economic producers include various universities and research facilities. St. Gideon is also home to Titan Motors and UNIRAIL.

Official statistics are:

Race Human
Age 51

Male: 53% ; Female 47%

Income Upper Class
Education 92% of adults have at least one higher education degree.
S.A.R.: 72

Important Buildings & Landmarks[]

Groban Hall – One of the most elite universities of all Andervaan, the campus of Groban Hall has become a hallmark of status and architectural excellence.

Champion's Park – Covering the entire center of the City with the Vice Chancellery Complex. At its core, the lush Champion's Park is dedicated to "greatness is all fields of pursuit" and is filled with statuary.

Schools and Universities[]

Education is a massively important enterprise in Andervaan. Schools in St. Gideon are particularly well known for fostering connections for their students, particularly amongst the upper strata of economic, cultural, and political powerhouses.

St. Gideon University

Groban Hall University

Secton University

Inter-Andervaan Technical Academy