Individual Interlink Data Device (I.I.D.D.)


The I.I.D.D. (commonly ID for short) is a personal device developed by the Slythe Corporation that combines all forms of personal electronic devices and eliminates the need for wallets, phones, keys or paperwork. The I.I.D.D. houses all of ones information, including but not limited to, personal, banking and health records. It also elimintates the need for other forms of personal identification, cash or credit cards, or bulky files and does so securely through bio-link technology. Additionally, the I.I.D.D. provides the user with access to cellular communication, interweb, as well as providing an electronic key to personal restricted access points such as a home or vehicle. The I.I.D.D. is the cultural and social standard for any and all transactions and no legitimate business can be conducted without one. It is illegal not to have one.

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