Andervaan Wiki

The Special Services of Andervaan are the secret police, intelligence agency and special police of the nation. The Special Service – or S.S. – are an entity unto themselves. They are charged with the real task of maintaining the peace and unity of the State. When a citizen is face-to-face with an officer of the S.S., praying you’re not the one they’re looking for is generally the proper reaction.

Working directly for the Socialist Party, the S.S. holds a certain degree of unilateral authority over the military and the constabulary as well as over the interpretation of some laws. The S.S. appear like a dog without a leash in their somewhat cavalier style of handling their assignments, however that could not be further from the truth. In fact the S.S. is a tightly controlled and highly supervised group, they just don’t go running to the press whenever something is amiss and someone is punished. What more, the press tries not to ask them much.

In matters of authority or seniority there are no enlisted members of the S.S., each and every agent is a sworn officer starting their career as an SS-1, a base level operative usually not much better or more impressive than the Inspectors of the NSC. The SS ranks are as follows:

SS1: Entry level officers.

SS2: Generally your standard field opperatives. 

SS3: Secondary Administrators.

SS4: Field Commanders and Captains.

SS5: Barracks Commanders and other high level administrators. 

SS6: Supreme Administrative Commanders. 

 Additionally there are several denominators that can further qualify a rank in a formal title. These denominators will be displayed as a letter after the rank.

As an S.S. officer one can enjoy positional and rank authority over any other military person of equal or lesser rank, or instill varying degrees of fear, respect, or appreciation in others. U denotes Underrank (A non command designator of a rank) SA denotes Special Agent (A specific rate rank) GC denotes General Command (A general command line officer) and SC denotes special command (A specific command rank with no authority over the general ranks).