The UNIRAIL high-speed train system is the interconnecting vein of the Nation. Powered by electricity and held in place with magnetic rail, the UNIRAIL is capable of speeds up to 750 mph, though it rarely travels that fast. Normal operating speeds are between 550mph and 600mph.

The UNIRAIL is a fully enclosed tube with electromagnetic repulsors positioned around the interior of the tube to keep the train completely suspended, thus allowing the train to travel with as little resistance as possible. This also means that passangers don't get to catch glipses of the passing world outside the train.

There are seven interior service trains and fourteen circumference trains, each capable of carrying two hundred passengers on a trip. The interior trains run from St. Bannick to each of the other cities and then return, the circumference lines run the outer rail lines, seven going one direction and seven going the other. The longest trip is between St. Bannick and St. Devon, taking approximately two and a half hours. The shortest is between St. Wilffore and St. Jeorge, which lasts approximately forty-one minutes.

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